How to Find the Best Used SUV For Your Family

Finding a good used SUV in Yonkers can be a challenge. You want an SUV that is well taken care of and properly maintained by professionals. You also don't want to buy too much or too little vehicle. You want to get an SUV that fits your family perfectly and can accomplish everything you need it to do. Our team in Yonkers can help you narrow down your search to find out what features you are looking for in an SUV.

The first thing you need to decide is what size of used SUV are you looking for. The range from a subcompact all the way to a full-size and they both have different use cases.

A subcompact SUV provides some of the utility of an SUV with the driving characteristics of a car and may even be built on the same platform as one. You may sit higher than your average compact car, but not by much.

Next up there are compact SUVs. These are slightly bigger than subcompact SUVs. A compact SUV typically will be built specifically to be a small SUV, not a large car. They will have a higher up driving position to give you a better view of the road and will have more group clearance as well. This class of SUV is where you start to see more than SUV practicality.

After compact SUVs, you have your standard used SUV in Yonkers. These can fit between five and eight passengers typically and usually have a well-defined use. SUVs usually excel in two areas, family transportation, and off-roading. Family transports will usually have more roomy interiors and more cargo space. Off-roaders will typically have AWD and other technologies to help them in every terrain. These are perfect for having fun in New York.

Finally, we have the full-size SUV. These can come in more utilitarian specs or full-on luxury cruisers. These vehicles typically can tow more than any other tier of SUV. This class of SUV is great for people who have large families or people that need to more a lot of stuff.

To narrow down your search more you can visit Smith-Cairns Mazda. Our staff of experts can help escort you towards the used SUV of your dreams. Once you find you can even take it out for a test drive.

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