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Whether you're searching for a stunning new sedan near The Bronx, you'd like a spacious and attractive SUV near New Rochelle, or you're looking for a versatile and gorgeous hatchback in Scarsdale, you'll want to check out the new inventory at our Smith-Cairns Mazda dealership. Here, we offer the latest Mazda cars and SUVs in Yonkers, with new models being added whenever they're released.


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The Mazda brand is known for its breathtaking designs, high-tech interiors, and ready for anything powertrains. Many of our Scarsdale area drivers love the way the Mazda vehicles look as well as how they feel, whether you're in the driver's seat or sitting in the rear. The latest technology is also impressive, with upgrades to the infotainment, safety, and driver assistance programs available on each new car or SUV.


New Mazda models range from the peppy Mazda3 sedan to the impressive Mazda CX-9 SUV with many different vehicles in between. To help our Yonkers area drivers decide which Mazda model would be best for them, here's a list of some of the latest Mazda cars and SUVs available.


Here at Smith-Cairns Mazda, we strive to offer a wide array of the newest Mazda vehicles on the market, with many different trim levels, color options, and price ranges available for each model. If you're looking for the perfect Mazda car or SUV for your preference and budget, feel free to browse through our new inventory or contact our sales consultants to learn more.


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Most of our new Mazda vehicles can be either leased or loaned, the choice is up to you. Leasing a new Mazda is a great opportunity for drivers looking for a short-term commitment, lower upfront costs, and the latest Mazda models. Loaning a new Mazda is a great opportunity for drivers who'd prefer to own their vehicle, are looking to have lower long-term costs, and don't want any limitations. Whatever financing option you prefer, our finance center is here to help.


Our team of financing experts can walk you through the entire new Mazda financing process. We'll help you find the perfect lease or loan for your monthly budget, will work with your credit and finance background, and can answer whatever questions you may have. To get a head start, feel free to use our many online finance tools, including value your trade, EZ Buy, and our online finance application.


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Should you lease a new Mazda? These FAQs will help

Most new cars are still financed with a car loan, and that is not likely to change. But for some new Mazda shoppers in certain situations, a lease can be an alternative worth considering. But what exactly is a lease, anyway? How does it work? What are the advantages of leasing a Mazda? Are there any disadvantages? Do I need good credit to get a Mazda lease? To help address these common questions, here are some leasing FAQs.

What exactly is a car lease?

A lease is like renting a car, like a new Mazda CX-5. Like a loan, a lease may require an upfront payment, often referred to as the "payment due at signing." You then make monthly lease payments - like you would with a car loan. The amount of your lease is the value of the car on the day you lease it minus the projected value of that car at the end of your lease period. You're not buying the car, you're just driving it for a limited time.   

How does a lease work at Smith-Cairns Mazda? 

You will be leasing something like a new Mazda CX-9 for a specific period of time, usually 36 months. After you pay any amount that's due when you sign the lease, you'll be making monthly lease payments - like loan payments - for the entire lease period. When the lease contract ends, you return that car to Smith-Cairns Mazda in Yonkers, NY, pay for any excess miles or damage, and then you can exercise any of several options for your next vehicle.

What are some benefits of leasing a new Mazda?

Perhaps the biggest benefit for most people is that your monthly lease payments are usually lower than what your monthly payments would be with a car loan. When you're done with your lease, you can simply drop off your vehicle, like a Mazda 3 sedan, pay any lease-end charges, and then you don't have to worry about selling that car. We'll take care of that for you. Your driving expenses during a lease are relatively moderate and predictable.

Are there any disadvantages to leasing?

Yes, there are a number of downsides you should be aware of. One is that, with a lease, you aren't usually on track to buy the car or even build any cash value - or equity - that you could use toward the cost of your next car. When you lease any vehicle, like a new Mazda CX-30 SUV, lessees from Manhattan and The Bronx, NY are limited in the number of miles you can drive without incurring an extra fee. There are other downsides you should ask us about. 

Do I need good credit to lease a Mazda?

Yes, lease applicants from nearby communities like White Plains and Englewood, NY will need a good credit score to lease any new car like a new 2022 Mazda 6 sedan. For example, in a recent quarter, the average credit score for people leasing a new vehicle was 733 according to the well-known credit-reporting agency Experian. The credit software company known as FICO says that any credit score higher than 670 is considered "good."

Find out more about leasing at Smith-Cairns Mazda in Yonkers, NY

If you want to explore the possibility of leasing a new Mazda SUV, sedan or sports car, talk to the financing experts at Smith-Cairns Mazda. We can help you decide between a Mazda loan and a Mazda lease, then help you get the best lease or loan terms available. We look forward to talking with you about it soon at Smith-Cairns Mazda in Yonkers, NY.