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The Mazda3 Takes Smith-Cairns Mazda's Lot Up a Notch

There is a lot about the Mazda3 that could make the heart of an automobile enthusiast sing. All you need is one little drive around the Bronx to see how great this popular sedan is. The following are a few features that make the Mazda3 stand out while you drive through New York and beyond.

Real Silence

It is easy to get used to all the honking, the zooming, the murmur of distant conversations, and all the other noises you can hear on the streets of Yonkers. You are probably so used to them that they hardly bother you, but the reality is that your brain is aware of these noises, and they can be quite distracting.

You may not know it, but noise pollution exhausts your brain more than you can imagine. This means all that noise you hear before heading in to work is already doing a number on you before you even start your day. The Mazda3 is attempting to help you address this issue with one of the most effective insulated cabins out there.

Imagine the idea of canceling noise pollution and just enjoying peaceful silence or whatever you want to hear without distractions. That is what you are going to get as you step into the Mazda3 in Yonkers.

Smarter Driving

Let us tell you a little about i-ACTIV, which is a smart driving system that exists in the Mazda3. This system monitors weather patterns, road conditions, temperature, windshield wiper usage, and even your own driving behavior.

It does all this so that it can help you stay in control because all these factors could contribute to the loss of traction. This is the reason the system gives you more traction when you need it using its four-wheel drive technology. It actually predicts when you are going to need more traction using the data it collects.

All of this probably sounds a little like science fiction, and the reality is that these features could be easily put in older science fiction movies with futurist cars. There is no doubt that Mazda3 is on the top of its game regarding its smart driving features.

The Mazda3 even comes with G-Vectoring technology that makes braking and handling more intuitive, making your drive from one place to another feel that much better. You do not have to take our word for it. Come down to our Mazda dealership near the Bronx and take a test drive when you are done researching the Mazda3 models in our inventory.

Tech for Drivers in New York

It is clear that what tech drivers expect from their vehicles continues to expand. This makes sense because people rely on technology more than ever before, so it makes sense that Mazda would offer vehicles equipped with technology that would accommodate you, such as smartphone chargers and an infotainment system that could easily connect to your smartphone apps.


You actually get to use smartphone apps and other infotainment features using voice activation.

It should also be pointed out that the Mazda3 also comes with ADD or active driving display. This is important information like your current speed that gets projected onto your windshield so that you do not have to move your eyes away from the Cross County Parkway or New York State Thruway as often as you might have needed to before.

This step may seem unimportant, but people get in accidents all the time simply because they stopped paying attention to the road. The chances of being one of these people is decreased, and that is good for drivers, passenger, and other drivers on the road.

We want you to look through our inventory as much as you want. Check out some of the trims available to see if there is one specific Mazda3 that you prefer over the others. Once you are done choosing, we invite you to visit our dealership to take a test drive so that you can finally see and feel the difference in a Mazda3. We are conveniently located on Central Park Avenue, right down the road from Cross County Shopping.

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